Special Orders - Steigerwaldt Tree Farms, LLC

Our retail lots are opening the day after Thanksgiving, but if you would like to pre-order your custom tree or would like a premium tree greater than 9 feet in height, please click on the Mailing List tab and sign up for the Florida Pre-Order Information mailing list to receive a special order form. 

Because we need to select and cut your special tree, wrap, load, and transport it from Wisconsin to Florida, we cannot guarantee selection or delivery if your order is received later than Friday, November 10.  Availability for all trees is on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, it is important to mail your order with your down payment check or credit card information.  We require both before we will select and tag your tree in our fields.  

From many years ago when each seedling tree was planted on our tree farm to the present harvest, our crew has worked diligently to fertilize, shear, and nurture each and every tree to its final destination – Christmas in your home!  This year marks our 41st Christmas season serving our Florida customers, and we always enjoy seeing you when we arrive with our truckloads of Wisconsin-hardy trees.  Thank you for your loyalty and confidence in our staff and our trees.  You’re the reason we grow!


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