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Our 2015 Tree!, Jim and Issy S.


 Happy Holidays everyone at Steigerwaldt Farms,


 My husband and I want to Thank You again for returning to Saint    Petersburg, FL. This year we bought the smallest tree on the lot,  due to a new puppy in our home.  As always, we love our tree      from Stegerwaldt.  We bought it on December 1st and 26 days later  it looks just as it did on the lot,  BEAUTIFUL.


 Thank you for always making our Christmas extra special.


Our Christmas Tree
Polly Eskew

Hello!  I took multiple pictures of my perfect tree, but really none of them do it justice. We bought our first Steigerwaldt tree 33 years ago when my first son was 2 and there was no second son. For several years we ordered trees for our vaulted ceilings. When I became a single mom we still bought the trees even though the cost was a stretch for me. One year I remember deciding to look for a tree at other lots. We went to 3 lots and my oldest son finally said, "Mom, we just need to go to Steigerwaldt's!"...... which we did. Now a new tradition with my grandchildren. We go Thanksgiving weekend. Most people that come in my house think I have an artificial tree because the trees are always perfect......until they smell my house!

Thank you for continuing to come to Florida every year! 



Matt C., Fort Collins, CO
Joseph's Hardware & Home Center

An encounter with a customer this morning at the grocery store next door prompts me to write.  She stopped me and asked if I was the owner of the hardware store, and I said I was.  She then told me that they were the first customer to buy a Christmas tree from us, and that it was the best tree they had ever had.  She said they took it down several days into the new year and that it was still not dropping any needles.  Her husband commented that he was tempted to leave it in the stand and just put it out in their yard as part of their landscaping.  She said they'd definitely be back next year.  This was a reflection of the overall reaction customers had to the trees you provided, and we're definitely interested in acquiring trees from you again this season.

Overall, of the 150 trees we bought, we sold 132.  Just as important, having the trees in front of our store made us appear much more "relevant" during the Christmas season.  As a result, the revenue from the trees themselves, plus the added traffic we feel they brought us, helped us have a December that was 33% better than the prior year.  Thanks for providing such a quality product, and with such great service, and we look forward to working with you again.


Brian and Stephanie's tree, All the way from Palm Harbor, FL!

 Our 12 ft tree was the most spectacular decoration by far this year! We hope to win a Steigerwaldt tree next year! Here is one of our favorites.

Thank you again for bringing us our PERFECT tree!!!


Best Regards

 Hi, just wanted to let you know what an amazing tree we got from you 2 weeks before Christmas. It is February 2nd and it is still standing, it has hardly lost any needles. We changed it into a mardi gras tree and it looks great. People ask if it is plastic, on steroids or if we gave it special fertilizer. All we can say it's one amazing tree. We are looking forward to getting our next tree from you when you are back in Slidell.


Barbara M., Our Pretty Christmas Tree

Thank you for coming to St. Petersburg.  I never enjoyed the Christmas tree buying experience until I found you and your tree lot.  Everyone working with (or for) you is nice and polite and makes us feel as we should at this special time of year.  Even though you are all always busy, it's a 'good' busy.  We Love our tree...again.  I am now on your mailing list and that makes me feel good.

A very Happy Holiday Season to you and yours.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Polly E.

 Last night I made my 32nd trip to your lot to get my Christmas tree along with 2 of my grandsons. It continues to be the only place I will get a tree and a family tradition for us! Merry Christmas!


Kristy D.

Merry Christmas, Y'all! From Waveland, MS. I love the tree!




Jim and Izzy S.

We LOVE our Christmas Tree. We have been buying from you for 4 years now and ALWAYS look forward to seeing the Tent set-up on the corner of 9th Ave and 66th Street. Thank you and your staff for making the Holiday Season extra special!


David and Judy M. - Slidell, LA

 Merry Christmas and thanks for the beautiful tree.

Alan C.

I just had to call and express my appreciation for the great experience my children and I have picking out a Christmas tree.  I have gone to the same lot for the last eight years and each year has been the same.  A grey haired older gentleman takes pictures of us, explains the whole process as it is happening to us, says, "This is how the owner wants me to do this," and brings the whole process back to the Tomahawk operation.  I can see how much my children respect the grey haired man.  

I just had to call and tell you how much we look forward to picking out our Christmas tree at the Steigerwaldt Tree Lot every year!!


Victoria V.

 Hi!  When I met Dale at the tree lot, it was 81 degrees outside. Your crew was so hot I'm sure it was hard to think of Christmas down here.  So thought I'd share... Inside with family, wrapped in tradition, and my real WI tree it's just like being at my mom's home in Tomahawk.  Here's my tree. The angel sits next to it awaiting my son's return from college to go atop. Thank you for coming to the area.  Merry Christmas!



McClutchy Family

 LOVE OUR TREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 YEARS IN A ROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maresi & Timon

 Hi there,
We were uncertain where we'd buy our Christmas tree this year, and as people who like to support small business whenever we can, we were glad to run across your tree lot in St. Petersburg, FL. Imagine our surprise to discover that you were from Tomahawk, since we vacation nearly every August up in Fifield and have driven through Tomahawk on our way many times. The tree is healthy and gorgeous and might just be our favorite Christmas tree we've ever had.
I've attached a photo for you to see how it looks in our living room - have a wonderful Christmas after all the hard work of your busy season!



Royal Palms, The Making of a Christmas Tree


Every year the tree you deliver is gorgeous.  This year’s is still going strong. Many thanks.

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