Tree Farm Operations - Steigerwaldt Tree Farms, LLC

Steigerwaldt Tree Farms, LLC (STF) has been growing trees since 1957 and is operated by Edward Steigerwaldt, with assistance from a highly qualified staff including other foresters, arborists, and experienced managers.

Steigerwaldt Tree Farms' office is located at 856 North Fourth Street, Tomahawk, in north central Wisconsin. Our business focus is growing high quality Christmas tree and landscape stock including desirable Fraser and balsam firs. Other services include land improvement programs including tree planting, lot clearing, tree and shrub maintenance, and special landscaping.

Steigerwaldt Tree Farms maintains over 300 acres in planted trees and another approximately 900 acres of hardwood and pine timber. Major species in our inventory include Fraser fir, balsam fir, white pine, Black Hills spruce. Species in limited numbers include blue spruce, red pine, Scotch pine, and concolor fir.


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