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Here is a sample of the top-quality trees we offer.


Balsam Fir
Sheared: 3' to 17'; Natural: 5' to 45'

Native to Wisconsin, the balsam fir is still the traditional Wisconsin favorite. Well-known for its characteristic holiday fragrance and fresh-cut aroma, it is one of the most desirable trees on the market. The short, flat needles on balsam fir trees form a soft feather-like spray of foliage. Our balsam fir trees have dense foliage, a lovely green color, and are sheared to a medium taper. We maintain an inventory of tall trees for commercial businesses, churches, and homes with cathedral ceilings.

Fraser Fir
5' to 17'

In the past several years, this tree has been singled out as a preferred and ideal Christmas tree. The Fraser fir's branches have a beautiful, dark green color with a silvery underside. The branches are strong and the soft, short needles are pleasant to the touch. The needles and the pleasant aroma remain with the tree through the holiday season. Our Fraser fir are just excellent!

Black Hills Spruce
3' to 10'

The Black Hills Spruce is an excellent tree for heavier ornaments, as the branches are rigid and strong. The short, stiff, sharp needles protrude from all sides of the twigs. The Black Hills Spruce has dark blue-green colored needles, and makes a good sturdy Christmas tree with good density.

White Pine
3' to 13'

Also a Wisconsin native tree, the long 3- to 5-inch needles on a white pine are slender, flexible, and very soft. A white pine will retain its needles throughout the Christmas season. This beautiful, conical shaped tree is dense and velvety in appearance. For a peaceful, soft and elegant look, try decorating a white pine with only lights and simple garland and/or scattered bows.


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