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You know the moment, the one where you walk onto one of our lots and there it is - your perfect Christmas tree!  The color, the shape, the right height, it has it all!  Yeah, we love that moment too.  But did you know that your tree doesn't just grow that way?  


It's true.  There are many hours of preparation and care that go into making that tree perfect just for you.  Journey with us as we go from the field to your home. 




​​On average, our dedicated crew plants 6,000 trees each year.  Each sapling planted is about 8" to 10" tall.  



Just like us, trees need nutrients to reach full potential.  Lack of nutrients can lead to a shorter life and cause trees to be more susceptible to insects and diseases.  By fertilizing our fields, tree health is greatly improved, leading to improved color, longer needles, faster growth, and longer foliage retention.  


Pine Cone Picking





   Seen here, a young tree is bending with the weight of hundreds of pine      cones.  Each pine  cone must be individually plucked to ensure proper        tree growth.



One entire month a year is dedicated to picking pine cones off of the trees, by hand of course!  Why would you want to pick all those off?  

For a growing tree, they actually cause more harm than good.  If the cones aren't removed, a tree will begin to grow around the cone.  This leads to trees being misshapen and uneven.  




Here is a tree prior to being                Here, a crew member is                     The final product!

sheared.                                            shearing a tree.




Each year, our crew walks the fields, picking out the best trees to bring to you.  Every tree is hand picked, then cut and wrapped to secure its trip to you.  

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